Our Services

We offer two tiers of editorial services: 

1.      A broad-brushed Critique

2.      A fine-tuned Comprehensive Edit


WHat is a Critique?

A Critique is the initial stage of the editing process. At this stage, the editor provides general feedback to help improve the story structure for the next round of edits. Feedback focuses on:

  • Writing style
  • Plot Structure
  • Pacing
  • Tension
  • Stakes
  • Voice
  • Setting
  • Character development
  • Theme
  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Specific strengths and weaknesses of your story


The Critique includes:

1.      Editorial Letter as a general overview with specific strengths/weaknesses

2.      One phone call PRE-EDIT to discuss author goals and concerns (30 mins)

3.      One phone call POST-EDIT to discuss Editorial Letter (30 mins)


When the manuscript is structurally sound, it is time for the Comprehensive Edit. This is a more in-depth edit that breaks the manuscript down line by line.

The Comprehensive Edit includes:

  1. An Editorial Letter

  2. Editorial Comments in the Margins

  3. A Line Edit with Tracked Changes throughout the manuscript

  4. One phone call with editor PRE-EDIT (30 mins)

  5. One phone call with editor POST-EDIT (30 mins)



The Editorial Letter is similar to the one for a Critique. At this level, however, the feedback is more detailed because the manuscript is now structurally sound.


Editorial Comments will be made in the margins of the manuscript to point out specific areas that can be strengthened. Comments are best viewed digitally using Microsoft Word and aim to:

  • Highlight sections that need greater development, more details, etc.
  • Point out spots that slow the pacing or pull a reader out of the story
  • Identify areas that interfere with the story’s progression
  • Address weaknesses in both the internal and external plot lines (tension/stakes, motivation/goals, unresolved issues, emotional development, character growth, etc.)
  • Suggest any needed adjustments with the setting
  • Point out flaws in the timeline
  • Identify illogical or confusing parts of the narrative

3.      LINE EDIT

The Developmental Edit also includes a Line Edit. Here, the editor will directly edit word/sentence structure to improve the manuscript.

The editor will TRACK CHANGES in Microsoft Word. You can easily click to Accept, Reject, or Modify them. No changes will be made without tracking.

Line Edits aim to:

  • Trim extraneous words, phrases, or sentences
  • Avoid "echo" words, phrases, or ideas 
  • Improve rhythm by rearranging/deleting passages or suggesting additions
  • Tighten dialogue to boost character development
  • Alter wording to clarify or enhance the message
  • Polish sentence structure while striving to maintain the author’s voice


Before reading your manuscript, the editor will schedule a 30-minute Pre-Edit Phone Call to discuss the author's overall concerns and goals for the story.


When the editor has completed all edits, she will schedule a 30-minute Post-Edit Phone Call to discuss editorial feedback and answer any questions.



If you're interested in our editorial services, CONTACT JULIE.

1. Once we have agreed on the terms of the contract, email your manuscript to julie@juliecantrell.com

Please be sure to format accordingly:

  • File: MS. Word Doc (or Docx)
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font Size: 12 
  • Line Spacing: Double Spaced
  • Margin Alignment: 1-inch Margins
  • Header: Author’s Name, Phone Number, and Email Address
  • Footer: Page Number (lower right corner)

2.      Watch for the BEGIN EDITS invoice to arrive via email.

3.      Pay BEGIN EDITS invoice (½ total package fee).

4.      Your BEGIN EDITS payment gives Julie the greenlight to proceed.



After the BEGIN EDITS invoice (½ total package fee) has been paid and the manuscript has been received, a Pre-Edit Phone Call will be scheduled and edits will begin.

When the edits are ready for delivery:

1.      Watch for a FINISH EDITS invoice, which will prompt you to pay the remaining balance (½ total fee).

2.      You will receive written editorial feedback via email.

3.      The project concludes with the Post-Edit Phone Call to discuss the editorial feedback and answer author questions.



Based on the editor’s schedule, it can take as little as one week and up to two months to receive full editorial feedback. A deadline will be established by both parties at the time of the contract.

Julie Cantrell and I wrote a magazine column together for years and critiqued back-and-forth with one another on novels. She’s not only a talented writer, she’s a crackerjack editor... and fast!
— Lisa Wingate, New York Times Bestselling Author of Before We Were Yours